Security infrastructure has evolved dramatically in recent years. The use of closed or proprietary systems are no longer the norm, as security becomes an intrinsic element of the overall IT infrastructure. We have invested in the development of IT experience and expertise to deliver cutting-edge integrated IP solutions for our corporate client base.

Today’s technology has developed to offer Ethernet “at the edge” and evolved to utilise web-based options and smart device solutions that highlight the need for dedicated server-client architecture. This results in reduced costs of procurement, maintenance and support such as:

Cost-effective implementations

High-definition CCTV deployment as standard

Control and management of data

Reduced hardware, power and cabling demands


We work with clients ranging from multi-national corporations and blue-chip companies to the public sector with experience across the finance, oil and gas, transport, prisons and retail sectors. Whatever is involved, from managing major integrated projects and large scale commercial developments to specialised applications – we tailor our service to offer the best products, advice, training and support available today.


Over the years, we have placed great emphasis on product selection and international market research in a quest to source the best products to offer our clients. We support only a select number of products, enabling us to provide the highest degree of support and technical competence. This has evolved to the point where our company has, in many instances, transformed from a contracting operation into a specialist solutions provider.


Software solutions are no longer just about security systems, they are critical business tools. Which is why we support virtually all leading brands in the sector and in addition, select the solution most logical and cost effective for the specific application. This unique approach means our clients enjoy market-leading service delivery and support, whilst relying on us for its experience and product awareness without market restriction.


We work in close co-operation with security management and operations personnel to ensure reliable and accurate management information. This enables us to provide complete control of security procedures – ensuring early intervention, corrective action and minimal impact on business activities. Dedicated account managers and directors oversee each project, providing full accountability for performance throughout the process. This is underpinned by regular review meetings, measuring performance against service-level agreements and ensuring project are on time and within budget.



We have developed a robust partnership model to provide Pan-African installation and support services for customer facilities across Sub-Saharan Africa to overcome some of the complexities often faced doing business in the region. These partnerships improve cost efficiencies and ensure a speedy resolution to service related problems that can occur.