Established fire and life safety solutions. Internally approved products. Extensively trained staff.


In order to service the markets of Sub-Saharan Africa, we have formed business alliances with established companies throughout the region. Through training and skills transfer, we have created a network of competent and reliable outlets for the products and services we support.


We are responsible for the design and implementation of some of the largest analogue addressable fire detection systems installed in South Africa.

We offer an extensive range of fire detection equipment from internationally branded manufacturers. These include Advanced Electronics, Edwards, Notifier, UTC Fire & Security, please refer to our Partners Page for further detail.

We are approved and certified on the installation of equipment from all companies supported.

We offer specialist fire detection solutions such as High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD), Linear Heat Detection, flame and gas detection products for the more demanding operational environments such as Data Centres etc.

All system design, installation and commissioning is carried out in accordance with the relevant South African National Standards using: SANS 10139-1, Fire detection and alarm systems – System design, installation and servicing. UL/FM standards can also be provided, where required.


In partnership with product suppliers and installers, we offer design, supply and installation capabilities covering all aspects of specialised fire suppression solutions including dry chemical powder, foam, water mist and deluge systems.

Through strong international partnerships we leverage global knowledge and expertise to design solutions for challenging applications.

Globally, more renewable energy capacity has been installed than new fossil fuel and nuclear capacity combined, with this comes the challenge around deploying safe Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

These power banks may contain upwards of hundreds of lithium-ion batteries, we at MASC are best equipped to advise and assist with these types of applications.


We represent a number of international equipment manufacturers specialising in the provision of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems, including FM200, Novec, IG55 and IG541 systems. We are approved and certified to design all systems offered, eliminating the dependence on hardware distributors.

We have full test and refilling facilities for FM200, Novec and IG55 gaseous suppression systems at our head office.

We also retain a considerable stockpile of replacement gas thus offering a speedy recharging capability.

All our installation and commissioning staff are registered with SAQCC-Fire, a South African government-regulated requirement for our industry.

All system design, installation and commissioning is carried out in accordance with the relevant South African National Standards using: SANS 14520-1, Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems — System design and physical properties. UL/FM standards can also be provided, where required.


We offer an extensive range of public address and voice evacuation systems from Bosch, TOA and Ateis, these systems are fully compliant with European and recently updated South African standards.

Voice evacuation systems can also be used by personnel to give specific live information and/or instructions over the alarm system using a built-in microphone, which provides a distinct advantage over horns or bells. The system can be standalone (i.e. using dedicated loudspeakers, which can also feature integrated strobe lights), or the system can accommodate public address system functionality.

We provide a variety of options that can be built into the original fire system design or easily added to an existing fire alarm control system.

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