We operate across multiple sectors within South Africa and the African continent, the experience we have gained in each sector has enabled us to share lessons learned with our valued clients. The knowledge and experience gained through our endeavours has positioned MASC as the leader in our field, coupled with our client centric approach and commitment to people development we are confident in our ability to deliver across all these sectors. 

Banking & Financial Sector

Since our inception in 2003, we have provided fire detection & suppression systems as well as integrated security solution incorporating access control and video surveillance systems to a number of leading financial service providers in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. We understand and appreciate the specific needs and demands that our banking clients face, we continue to serve these clients proudly and work to ensuring that they remain at the forefront in terms of advancements in technology.

Data Centres

In 2010, our fire division successfully completed the installation of the largest gaseous suppression project ever undertaken on the African continent, the solution was based on an FM/LPBC approved ProInert system from Fike Corporation. The system is currently in use and supported by MASC and consists of over 1300 x 80 litre cylinders protecting the largest data centre built in the region at the time. In terms of securing data centres, we provide robust end-to-end solutions that are encrypted and compliant with the latest standards to meet your stringent cybersecurity requirements. Additional services include asset tracking and management utilising existing barcode infrastructure without the need for additional hardware or software in some cases.

Educational Facilities

Together with our global partners, we understand that security in educational facilities has evolved from merely protecting assets to mitigating risks. Educational facilities are complex and as they increase in size, maintaining control and an overall view can be challenging. Our aim is to provide peace of mind to students and parents by empowering schools and universities with the tools to ensure a safe and efficient environment within campuses and residences.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Facilities

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has its fair share of unique security challenges, the corporate head office may be located on one continent and there may be regional offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, research & development facilities in various countries across multiple continents. MASC is experienced in this sector and can offer design, installation and support for enterprise solutions incorporating all security operations and enabling control from one location.

Industrial/Business Parks

Many businesses are choosing to base their operations within secure industrial or business parks, the benefits being shared costs such as centralised security and easy access to motorways or main roads. In most cases, the Landlord will be responsible for the perimeter security as well as access control through a controlled point. The tenants are then responsible for their own individual building security requirements. We are equipped to design, install and support integrated security solutions incorporating all aspects of security for the entire park, whether it be stand alone or an entirely unified solution being controlled from one location.


South Africa has a vibrant mining sector with many challenges as it relates to security, many of these stems from socio-economic conditions such as high unemployment rates, poverty, social inequality and inadequate public services. MASC have provided many solutions to mining clients across the African continent over the years, these include integrated access control and video management solutions as well as fire detection and gas suppression systems. With recent developments in video analytics, there are opportunities to consolidate security systems and deploy more intelligence-based systems where significant savings in manpower can be achieved.


Securing retail facilities is becoming more complex. Our aim is to streamline loss prevention with tools that are smarter resulting in more streamlined operations that make your security teams more efficient. Security systems collect valuable data about your retail environment on a daily basis, this data is not limited to security but can also provide useful business intelligence for sales and marketing purposes. Our solutions extend to many other products such as body-worn cameras that can help deter certain behaviours and collect evidential footage. We aim to provide more than just s security solution as the tools we provide are intelligent and can add value in other areas of your operation.

Corporate Offices & Facilities

From corporate high-rise towers in CBD’s in down town Cape Town and Sandton to industrial facilities in outlying areas, we have the right solution based on your unique requirements. When it comes to fire detection and security requirements for these types of buildings, we have the necessary experience and capacity to deliver solutions that add value.


In 2021, our fire division successfully completed the installation of a substantial fire detection system across multiple buildings for the largest integrated logistics centre on the African continent. Our extensive range of fire and security systems enables us to provide solutions that are fit for purpose and based on globally recognised standards adopted in this growing sector. Through our intelligence based platforms we can manage access, monitor and manage movement of cargo, monitor your fleet of vehicles, implement public address systems for effective communication and digitise your SOP‘s to improve consistency and ensure better decision-making from security operators.


The energy industry is evolving rapidly, digitisation and the adoption of renewable clean energy alternatives is changing the landscape as we know it around the globe. A centralised security strategy is crucial, MASC are equipped and ready to deploy solutions that will manage all of your security operations from one location. Threats to critical infrastructure such as sabotage or cyberattacks can be triggered by employees and/or contractors, the systems we deploy converge physical and cybersecurity plans to protect sensitive information and reduce exposure to internal and external threats.


Securing multiple buildings and the staff within them is a challenge, by minimising the type and number of systems being used you can manage and handle security events better. System maintenance will be easier and the option for remote support becomes a useful means of managing your entire security network.


Creating an environment with a sense of security and safety without compromising on customer service is our aim in the hotel and conference facilities space. Factors that come into play here include access control, vehicle security, key management, video surveillance, building identification and accessibility.

Oil & gas

This industry is becoming more regulated as legislation is being created to assist in protecting critical infrastructure. Security teams need to keep up to date with compliance practises and the security systems need to meet these strict regulations as they evolve. The systems that we deploy ensure a unified approach to securing assets through open platform solutions. Our end-to-end solutions bring video and access control together across large sites, the video analytics utilised within these solutions lead to more simplifies event-based monitoring resulting in more effective and efficient security operations.

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